Or as we at guwii like to refer to them; solutions.

Businesses rarely just want a service, what’s really desired is a solution to a problem.

We offer a complete digital solution, including all of the below and more:



Having a simple website at one point was optional, now its a requirement, and as time progresses a simple website is no longer enough. Users and customers expect businesses to have websites that offer a whole range of information, features and usability.

So whether it’s an; e-commerce project to finally get your business succeeding online, a custom software and app solution or a site to finally get your business online, we can help.

> design

Design & Branding

Design to guwii is more than just pretty pixels—to design is to create the ethos and first impressions for your business, as well as structures the long-term opinions of your business. We help create brands that have an authentic and respectable feel, everything from logos, UI, UX, colour palettes, company documents & signage through to marketing, and of course web design.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has now become one of the largest forms of marketing for most business’, the options and opportunities for marketing online are growing every month. We can help your business achieve its goals with our whole range of services. We offer services for: SEO, social media marketing (SMM - paid twitter and facebook advertising), content writing, SME, local digital marketing (google maps/social profiles), as well as a few of our own techniques that don’t even have their own acronyms yet!



The common workplace is changing: we have what feels like more and more IT and systems, old hardware is replaced with software and suddenly our lives and work processes are dominated by the digital world.

A lot of offices find themselves actually needing less and less "physical" IT support, and have IT members just sitting around waiting for something to fix. At guwii we understand that this is quite a unique problem for business' - you need IT support - but hiring someone full time feels a waste of money. Yet, you don't feel confident trusting your IT to freelancers who don't understand your setup and systems.

Our solution: we become your IT partner - we get to know you and your business, understand how you work and the kind of things that are likely to go wrong—so we're just one email or phone call away when you actually need us. It's like having an IT department, without having to feed them coffee and biscuits all day whilst they twiddle their fingers!

If it runs on electricity and interacts with the internet we can probably help!

more services

At guwii we offer everything you’d expect from a typical digital tech and design agency—but we deliver solutions that are tailored to your business and can offer a complete package as an on-going partner.
You no longer have to worry about keeping a phonebook full of different tech companies.

guwii are here to develop a working relationship with your business—we can even proactively engage you with ideas to help your business excel.

So, get in contact and let’s
shape the future together.