Google signs partnership with Twitter to show live tweets in SERPs

Posted by: Alex on May 21, 2015

As of Tuesday the 19th May (2015), you may start to notice your Google search results seems slightly odd.
That’s because Google have made a joint partnership with Twitter to provide live tweets and related items into Google search results.

Google’s own words (via Google Blogspot):

To start, we’re launching this on in English in the Google app (on Android and iOS) and on mobile browsers, rolling out gradually. We’re working on bringing it to more languages and to desktop, so stay tuned.

So whenever you are searching with the Google app (or any other mobile/tablet device), the real time and unique content Twitter provides, and is famously known for, will now display in the results. The desktop version is rumoured to be arriving very soon, presumably before the end of May. The results currently are only applicable to US based searches and users, however this will quickly roll out to further users and countries in the coming days.

The actual deal that has been signed is a ‘content sharing deal’

So what are your thoughts? Is this diluting the search results even further, furthering the gap between search engine and website that we have been seeing over the last year or so, with things such as the ‘Step-by-Step Instructions’ and results that directly feed from schema markups.

It shows a clear sign of the direction Google is trying to push the web, to a more dynamic, live, unique and user created world, where dull static websites aren’t possibly the answer to all searches.