We have a few areas of industry that we, unfortunately, cannot work with. These include: Anything related to religion or a religious preference, military/weapons, drugs or any other illegal/illicit category.

The reasons are many but mostly we don’t want to be associated with one side of the fence in most cases and to get involved in a project we like to feel connected and personally interested in the topic, the above topics we cannot get emotionally attached to.

Catastrophes/Social Media Viral’s

In very sad situations such as terrorist acts, disasters or accidents – companies and brands will flock to Twitter et al to show their words of empathy. However, we can’t help but feel the borderline self-promotion that many of these tweets seem to entail in face of such sad events.
For that reason, you will not see us tweeting “Thoughts are with x” etc from our company account – have no doubt that we’re very empathetic and do feel for the situation, but you won’t see any promotions from guwii relating to these events. If we do tweet (etc) they will be from our actual personal social profiles.