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Where did guwii start?

Alex officially founded guwii in 2017, however, the idea began and the domain name was purchased back in 2014. Having previously co-founded a web design agency in Cardiff, Alex left to go travelling and explore the world. Whilst travelling he worked as a freelancer and consultant to businesses across the globe and witnessed a similar pattern; businesses no longer just want a website or a single service.

Why does guwii exist?

In today’s modern economy it’s now essential to have not only a website but the complete package; a well-designed website that ranks well—thanks to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), gets found via digital marketing and social platforms, and behind it all a company that then functions efficiently thanks to its IT platform and systems. It was this realisation that led Alex to launch guwii on his return to the UK. My aim is to provide a complete solution and become a digital partner for small businesses in the UK and all over the globe.

Where are guwii?

Based out of Cardiff, South Wales (UK) guwii has now helped companies both locally and globally transform into more fluid, successful businesses. At the heart of guwii is a passion to help make the world of business less corporate; cubicles and the 9-5 are seeming less appealing year on year to most people. Setting up a business becomes easier each year—2017 saw a record number of new sole traders and small businesses in the UK and guwii is here to help them transform their idea into a business.

What does guwii do?

Marketing, sales processes and systems are all becoming one – gone are the days when having a website and a few social profiles were enough. IT and digital resources now form the backbone of the modern-day business. From the sales generation via digital marketing, online advertising, including websites and social media, processing via integrated IT systems and software, through to office management via HR tools and hardware – the digital world now creates the foundations and infrastructure for a modern-day business.

At guwii that’s where we come in, no longer do you have to deal with multiple businesses; previously you would have to go to multiple sources for your website and business to be designed, built, marketed and not to mention an IT company to “install” your systems and more. At guwii, we become your technical partner, providing the digital foundations your business needs to thrive.

We create brands, develop and design websites, and manage your digital marketing, content writing and IT systems—all with a friendly face and one invoice (don’t worry.. it doesn’t have to be just one!). With less time spent dealing with multiple companies, we get to fully understand your business from all angles, to create processes and systems with true thought to help your business succeed – we want your business to do well after all.

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