Securing Your Website: Cloudways Vulnerability Scanner Alerts

Posted by: Alex on October 26, 2023

So you had a load of scary emails from the Cloudways Vulnerability Scanner informing you that your website(s) have some issues and security loopholes?
Receiving a barrage of alarming emails from the Cloudways Vulnerability Scanner about security vulnerabilities on your website can be unnerving. In today’s digital landscape, web security is paramount, and it’s essential to address potential threats promptly.

We are writing to inform you about a critical matter related to your website’s security. Our vulnerability detection system (powered by has detected potential security vulnerabilities in your application that require immediate attention.

The type of email you’re likely to receive from the Cloudways Patchstack vulnerability system

Understanding the Alerts:

The emails you’re receiving from the Cloudways Vulnerability Scanner are a critical matter. This detection system, powered by, identifies potential security issues in your website application that demand prompt attention.
If you’ve recently started receiving these alerts in bulk, it’s likely that these issues have existed for some time, and it’s only now that Cloudways has initiated their scanning and alert system.

Addressing the Issues:

The presence of outdated plugins is a common finding in these alerts. Interestingly, many of the problematic plugins are often premium ones that require subscriptions. Understandably, they might have been neglected due to extra costs or the challenges of updating. However, it’s crucial to keep all plugins updated for security.

To address these issues, it’s advisable to update plugins on a staging environment first to ensure that functionality and design aren’t adversely affected before rolling out the updates to the live site.

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Your website’s security is not something to be taken lightly, especially in a time of evolving cyber threats. The Cloudways Vulnerability Scanner alerts are a wake-up call to address potential vulnerabilities promptly. Taking action now can save you from significant security issues down the road.