Against the Grain

Against the Grain opened their gluten-free coffee shop in Whitchurch, Cardiff, in the summer of 2022.

Long before the doors opened I helped Against the Grain discover their branding and design approach, with regards to the logo and colour—as well as being responsible for the brand name itself.

To accompany the coffee shop’s launch I designed and developed their custom website.
As a frequenter of cafes and coffee shops myself, I know all too well the pitfalls many coffee shop websites have—mostly regarding lack of clear information.
I set about designing and developing the website with that knowledge in mind; putting a focus on the end user being able to find key information, such as location, opening times and an overview of the food and drink on offer.

Against the Grain serve a range of cakes, savouries and lunchtime food, all of which is completely gluten-free—alongside freshly ground coffee and other beverages.

Printed Material

Custom coffee shop loyalty cards

Website: Against the Grain