Scrumbles provide hypoallergenic dog and cat food via an online e-commerce platform.

We began working with Scrumbles by improving their previous website, which was built on the Shopify e-commerce platform, with the focus on improving SEO and user experience. Initially, the focus was on improving page speed scores, which we achieved; from an average of 30 to 75+.

As part of their next expansion Scrumbles further increased their product range, with a new business angle of offering pet food on a subscription basis. After a consultation period, we decided to move the Scrumbles away from Shopify and onto a custom-built website based on the WooCommerce and WordPress platform.

Why the switch?

Shopify is fantastic in certain circumstances, and we love it! However, for complete customisation and bespoke features, we tend to find the flexibility and control WooCommerce offers to be superior where custom integrations and attributes.

How’s it going?

We focused on keeping the new site smooth, speedy and stress-free for users, this is where our experience in hand-built WooCommerce stores, coded from scratch, played its role.

Utilising modern technologies and techniques ensured the end result was quick to load and easy for users to find what they want on the Scrumbles store. From finding information about the company or simply purchasing the product they want.

Client feedback
Alex from guwii was brilliant to work with and super speedy which is what we needed. He was able to advise on how to improve things and honest about any constraints. I can't wait to work with guwii in the future as their standards are impeccable. Aneisha - Co Founder