Table Fables

Education and technology combining has arguably been one of the best combinations to help the current younger generations excel faster than ever before.

Yet, not all children are progressing equally.

Table Fables is an educational web platform that aims to help teach children the fundamentals of maths, times tables and division through informative, engaging and fun content.

guwii began working with Table Fables early in 2018 to help them achieve online growth—we’ve been focusing on increasing their brand and SEO (search engine optimisation) to help get their message seen by as many parents, teachers and children as possible.

We’ve begun with a fun, stimulating and animated homepage design for their existing website and from here guwii are now working on optimising their SEO.

Furthermore, we’ve been providing video editing services, IT, e-commerce and digital marketing consultancies to the education startup as they progress on their journey.

Website: Table Fables